Why should you hire a website designer?
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Why should you hire a website designer?

Website is a simple and popular way of advertising your business or your personal profile; it could be a blog or a site. In order for any business to communicate easily and fast with clients or customers then you will need a website or a blog, basically a website will advertise all your services and products while your blog will update clients...

Website is a simple and popular way of advertising your business or your personal profile; it could be a blog or a site. In order for any business to communicate easily and fast with clients or customers then you will need a website or a blog, basically a website will advertise all your services and products while your blog will update clients or customers of any news about your business, if there’s a sale or new-in services or products.

So the question is; Why should you hire a website designer? or a developer. You don’t need much coding nowadays in order to design a website, there so many platforms and software offering you drag and drop to design your website and publish within seconds, for example; popular companies offering editors for web design: Wix, GoDaddy, Vista Print, Site Builder, Sitey, eHost, Sitelio, webs, Site blog, Squarespace, 1&1.

You will need to simply register with any of these companies, then buy a domain name (DNS) if you don’t have one yet, choose hosting package then you’re ready to Rambo. You will not see single coding used in their editors, much easier right? You just need to be able to hold down your mouse and drag anything you want wherever you want. Talking about coding simply means the language behind web development (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap and many more).

Back to our question; Why should you hire a website designer?

When designing a website with a web designer always find companies that don’t charge you for hosting or charge you less for hosting.Hosting is a store (a website or other data) on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet, simply saying you need hosting so as your website to be seen in World Wide Web (www). I know companies that don’t charge for hosting and I know the ones charge only little.

What is it got to do with hosting?

When using drag and drop builders, you don’t really get free service to design your site or blog, it’s just a smart way of putting it, how the companies get money off you is through hosting packages you buy from them. These companies know you definitely need hosting to publish your blog and they provide free editors and get their money back through hosting packages.

Let’s breakdown the hosting packages:

COMPANIES Small Package Medium Package Large Package Extra Large

WIX Connect Domain£24/yr Combo£60/yr Unlimited£84/yr eCommerce£120

GoDaddy Economy£12/yr Deluxe£59.88/yr Ultimate£95.88/yr

Vista Print Basic£57.48/yr Standard£11.99/yr Premium£287/yr

Site Builder Premium£67.08/yr Business£83.88 eCommerce£151.32.

Now you have to know the smaller the package the lesser the speed and dismerits, in order to have fast hosting with good security then you need the bigger packages. Take whatever package you have and multiply by 5 years of your business. I will only use bigger packages because that is the best package you will need for your blog; roughly for Wix five years is £600. You will have to pay this no matter how many pages your website is.

However if you use Free hosting web designers five pages website is £259 (one off and no more payments), and more than five pages brochure website is £500. This is how it works; web designers will do all the coding dirty work for you, once everything is all done you will get a simple training on how to edit your services or update your blog, this one you will not need any coding (CMS) the use of WordPress,Joomla, Drupal, Magento is the best. Instead of drag and drop you will be writing your content, upload any video or photos and publish, in time this will save you a fortune.

More you need to know:

  • Website builders do not provide up to date templates, and some of their template look so good but when you start editing and publishing your site, the face and modern look faints, never the same the site looks so cheap.
  • Most of people complain on speed of their sites, you will be using one server therefore the speed is very low, haven’t tested your site speed yet test here. No enough support, you don’t really hire a web designer therefore in case of any problem you are on your own.
  • Most of plugins (third party software) are very expensive, you find yourself with limitations in your site, you can’t think outside of the box.
  • Some drag and drop could be complicated in time
  • Moving from Site builders to web designers is very complicated; most problematic company is Vistaprint, I have had many problems with most of my clients transferring from Vistaprint to my company.
  • Since it commands free or cheap website templates, you might not find it the prefect option for professional business. What is the reason behind it? It is because template builder brochure websites makes no way for personalized and customized strategies.
  • It also restricts or limits search engine optimisation, you will end up opting to buy a third party software to optimise your website. This is because of the automated processes and Flash that they set for standards. As such, they do not permit Google analytics or ecommerce and even other censored contents. This is one of the reasons why professional business owners do not often make it a habit to use free drag and drop website builders. Instead, they opt for professional website builder to boost their online presence.
  • Another disadvantage of drag and drop builder is that you are not able to create a website that commands options for user interaction. You cannot also set the primary location that your business has to take place. In this case, the best option is to opt for the help of a professional developer.

Let’s see few advantages:

  • It allows you to instantly take a look at your activities. In addition, code is not also a prerequisite. Plus, you are not required to bind with predesigned templates.In short, you will be spared from visual based setting that you find daunting in high-end templates.
  • It increases the visibility of your business. With drag and drop website builders, you can start a business and even increase the presence of your online business. One of the best things about this builder is that you can utilize it even if you have no experience on programming. You don’t know how to create a website? You don’t have to worry because drag and drop builder will do it for you.
  • One thing that you would surely love about drag-and-drop builder is the simplicity of the interface. Not only that, it is also very easy to use especially if you want to edit the layout of your website.
  • It comes with themes that are ideal for small info sites such as company portals. There are also multipurpose services that come with drag and drop builder custom designs and widgets provided by serious providers.
  • It also renders cheap templates. Meaning, it is a perfect option for personal blogging.

Coming back to our question; Why should you hire a website designer?

Drag and drop builder can be a great help for website users. Still, it is important to know at least the advantages and disadvantages of these site builders first. For small business entity, drag and drop website builders can be a great help for business start-up. To end, make sure that you get yourself clear with all details before you even attempt to use it.

In my opinion if you are planning to grow then you need your local web designer, don’t be blinded with high street expensive web designers, there so many good unknown website designers out there who are cheap and provide better service, for as little as £259 you can get 5 pages website with search engine optimisation and free logo design, web builders you will be spending more than £259 just for hosting and still you will need a logo designer plus SEO. You might end up paying £50 for a simple logo and £100 for search engine optimisation.

Do You Need a Website for Your Business?

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