Writing Web Content with Markdown
21 Oct 2016 21 Oct

Writing Web Content with Markdown

Unless you are really HTML-savvy, writing articles directly using HTML is not ideal. First, you have to wrap the content properly with the tags in order to format it, and secondly you will have to go back and forth from your code editor to the browser to see how it looks.

If you are a frequent web writer, I think it’s better for you to write using Markdown. Markdown allows you to write content in plain text that later can be translated into a valid HTML format, and with the help of a tool, you can instantly see the output.

Furthermore, there seems to be a sort of trend for new publishing platforms to adopt Markdown as the primary way to write the content, for example Ghost, AnchorCMS and ScriptoGram. They allow the platform to stay simple and without being clogged up by a heavy WYSIWYG JavaScript library.


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